Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"Mawage is Wot Bwings Us Togeder Tooday"

On our way to the "Mawage"!!

Waiting for the judge.
Thumb print proven.
Mawage is between husband and wife!

This week was AWESOME!!!!!  We totally went “wedding-ing” with Tamara and Gabriel!!!  Wednesday we took a little field trip over yonder outside to the state of Mexico where we have a good ol’ judge friend who hooked us up with a cheap (but legal) marriage!!!!   WOOOOOO!   I can’t remember now, but I believe Gabriel and Tamara have been together for just about 20 years and are now beautifully husband and wife!  It was SO fun and ex-Elders Stout and Crandall Skyped in for the big day!

Besides this we had a wonderfully boring zone training where we announced new rules to the missionaries and we did lots of work in our area and in the area of Estrella where Elder Bolingbroke is working. Being in a trio is hard.  We lose a lot of time traveling.  Oh, and money too.  Let’s just say I’m broker than broke and today I got a little talking to from President because he found out we haven’t been eating breakfast …but it’s not our fault!  We just don’t have money for fancy things like that!  Hahaha.

We found some new people to teach and are hoping to find more soon.  We have 2 cute little girls named Valeria and Fernanda that we hope can be baptized next week.  They are super cute and I absolutely LOVE teaching little kids.  It’s so much more fun than teaching adults.

I can’t tell y’all how ready and excited I am for General Conference this weekend!  It’s hard to believe it’s already been 6 months since the last conference, but at the same time … it’s felt like forever.  My soul is in need of hearing the teachings of living prophets.  I teach and testify CONSTANTLY and oh, how wonderful it is to receive instruction from my Mission President and now from the General Authorities of the Church.  Oh, what a beautiful weekend it will be! 

One of the millions of blessings I have received as a representative of Christ is the strengthening of my testimony about latter-day, living prophets and apostles!  I know their words are the words of God.  I know that if we heed their words and teachings, we will be forever blessed and prepared for what will come in the future and I know with certainty that President Monson is the Prophet of God on the earth today.  His signature is on my mission call.  Through him I was assigned by God to serve here in the Mexico City South Mission where I have been an instrument in His hands and a witness of many great and mighty miracles.  How blessed we are to have living prophets.  I invite ALL to listen and pay close attention this weekend to their teachings so that this world might be a better place.  God loves us and is certainly worried about us.  His message is very clear.  Let us give ear to what he has to say.  I love this gospel.

All be well.  Know that miracles are about in Churubusco.  I see them every day.

Love you all,
Elder McClure

Nightly planning.
Yup, those are pomegranates on top!

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