Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Gotta Love Me the Mission!!

The Trio
Hey Guys!

What a fun and wonderful week.  We were VERY busy helping the zone all week long.  We had a fun area attack, a girl fight to break up, and early morning check-ups to make sure elders were up and studying on time!   WOO

With the 15th of September Celebration (Independence Day) it was pretty crazy! There were lots of fireworks and drunks roaming the streets.  I even saw kids throw legit TNT under a car as it went by -- not sure how no one died, but ya it was pretty intense.  With less hours of work, we didn’t get to teach as much, but it was really nice to have a few more hours in-house as my companion was very sick.  We finished off the week with 4 investigators at church on Sunday and 3 people with baptismal dates.

Yesterday was pretty crazy.  Before having our council with President Mecham, we got called into his office and were informed that we would be receiving a new elder who is in our zone as our companion--so now we are a trio.  His name is Elder Bolingbroke and he’s got only 3 weeks in the mission.  We are also now in charge of the area he was in, Estrella, which is right next to ours, but still a little far away.  So now my companion, Elder Herrera, and I are District leaders and training!  Woooo!  (My 4th time training!)  It is stressful, but it’s not bad knowing I have a companion that I share these responsibilities with.   But for the rest of this change we will be like this – a trio!  I’m pretty excited.  We are SO busy and I love being busy!!

For this upcoming week we should be having a really fun surprise happening tomorrow that I’ll write more about next week, a short zone training on Thursday, and a few baptismal interviews this Saturday. I’ve been a little sick lately.  I think my comp got me sick.  It could be a throat infection or just a cold.  I’m not sure, but it’s slowing me down and wearing me out.  I hope I’m over it soon.  Really I’m SUPER excited for all that’s going on!  I love having a wonderful companion who helps and works and now having another new companion who also does the same.  Our zone is starting to take off with success. We have lots of potential and so much work.

All be well here in Churubusco.  

Gotta love me the mission,

Elder McClure

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