Monday, March 14, 2016

A Killer Week!

Saying good-bye to my zone leader.
Brick of nuts and carmel.
Hot dogs!
Waz up my friend!

Wow, it’s so fun watching these weeks fly by!  When things are great time flies, and when it’s hard it just flies by!  It just keeps flying!  AHHH!

We had a killer week to end the cambio!  I worked my bum-bum off and it RAINED and I got SOAKED!  And right now isn’t the rainy season so everyone is thinking the world is going to end!  Just so y’all know I don’t have transfers and I’m staying in my beautiful area called Hidalgo!  We are finding more and more youth to teach and I’m loving it!  They just understand things!  We had 4 investigators at church on Sunday, one of them being Emma who is the bomb! We taught her the Word of Wisdom this week and she was so bomb about it.  She likes her coffee but understood what she has to do and why.  She said she’s done with the whole coffee thing--just like that--no resistance, just pure faith and a good attitude and the readiness to do it.   I love prepared investigators!

What makes me saddest is that we lost 2 amazing sisters today with transfers!  Hermanas Padilla and Mendoza are awesome and incredible missionaries.  I’m gonna miss them like crazyyyy but I’m excited to see who the new ones are and ready to welcome them into the district!  We´ll see what happens.  Our district meetings have always been Monday night but Pres. just changed it so now they are Tuesdays at 9am.   It’s a big change for me and it’s gonna take some getting used to I think. 

We had another area attack in the area of my zone leaders and it was really fun.  I went out with my bff, zone leader Elder Valdez and we contacted like crazy.  We found a new family for him to teach and then returned to the chapel to eat hot dogs.  I ate 4, but it was the only food I ate that entire day so I don’t feel AS bad.  Hahaha. 

Really I’m just loving the teaching right now because of the people we get to visit.  It’s finally starting to really, really heat up here and I got really sunburned this week even though there was lots of rain too.  Let’s just hope things keep getting better and better!

My District.
My Zone.
We're teaching this kid.  He's a nut!!!

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