Monday, January 18, 2016

That Right There Was a Miracle!

Forgot his camera today.  This is a backup photo.  

We are halfway through January!!!  Holy wow that went fast! 

This week was like pretty good, like ya we worked pretty good and found 3 new people to teach.  That right there was a miracle.  Also I think my Spanish is growing a lot with the help of a Spanish speaking comp, so that right there is pretty swell, too.  We are also doing really well with working with members here in the ward. There are like 40 YSA here and none of them seem to work or study (that’s a lie, I’m sure they do) but yeah lots of youth to take with us for half a day and do some visits.  We are greatly blessed to have so many young adults here.  Also, I might have mentioned it before, but there is a meat shop like 5 houses down from us and it’s owned by a Church member and so we get FREE meat like all the time!  I love free meat.  Wow.  We got some today and, boy oh boy, I like meat. 

OK, a little rundown on a few of our investigators:
Nancy has received almost all the lessons and just needs Church attendance in order to get baptized.
Bro Palafox is the man.   His wife and 2 sons are recent converts and we are working with him.  We hope that he will give us his baptismal date goal next Sunday when we see him.
Jennifer is 14 and she heard the missionaries, before but for some reason never got baptized so we are seeing if that’s an option.
Rosa is our new lady and she’s awesome, but her husband might be opposed and make it difficult.  We will see.
Rachael—she’s new and nice and we hope she will start to progress, too.

This week I did 2 more baptismal interviews for a 13 and 11 year-old.   The 11 year-old was sooo nervous that she wouldn’t talk and so I had to start off showing her pictures I had with me and then singing like a goof till she finally said words!  It was hard!  I think I’ll be doing 3 more this week for a couple of almost teenagers.

Elder Pieper was the Man!  Wow.  He speaks English, Spanish and Russian fluently and he has dedicated like his entire life to this work.  We asked questions about missionary work and he was answering them with examples of marriage and getting married and just weird stuff, but I sure loved it!  One thing that caught my attention was what he said about investigators that aren’t progressing.  He told us to drop them.  If they don’t progress, they aren’t ready.  So we’ve got to drop them and move on and find those that will progress!  Really cool.  I like it.

Two sisters from my district were put into another district where they were needed, so now we are just 6 missionaries and we all get along great.  My fear of sister missionaries is still there, but just not quite as strong.

The work is slow and we are a little bummed, but we are keeping at it—work, work, work.

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  1. I love this quote from one of our past prophets:
    The privilege to work is a gift.
    The power to work is a blessing, and
    The LOVE of work is SUCCESS.
    If you can learn to do this, it will help you throughout your entire life.
    From your letter, sounds like you are on the right path.
    Keep it up, and you and the Lord WILL have success!
    love, Sister Jolene Ward
    By President David O. McKay He was the prophet when I was young.