Monday, January 4, 2016

Feliz Año!!!!

Sister Mecham at our District Meeting tonight (Jan 4).
Hey, Ya’ll!!

Wow.  2016.  Time flies.

I feel like nothing happened this week--probably because it was just normal and after having Christmas … it just feels bland.  But nevertheless, it has been a great week!

We worked, worked, worked and NOBODY was home because everyone was gone celebrating New Year’s so that was rough!  But we got through it with happy faces!  That’s what counts.

We are teaching a lady named Nancy and she’s really nice and we have a baptism date set for the 23 of January.  Hope it happens!  She’s awesome and is finally progressing a little bit.

No one attended church yesterday--not one investigator.  That was rough.  I think it was just because everyone’s on vacation!  Hope next Sunday is better!  My first District meeting with my new District went good--normal and good and wow, it’s a whole different scene with so many sisters.   haha   They like to talk!

On Friday we took a little trip up to AJUSCO and visited Lety and Tania!  SO FUN!  We took pics and ate tacos and visited and it was a blast!  I really did enjoy the quick visit.  Back to work we are!  Hope this week is really productive and we can find new investigators and see some progress!  I’m excited to see how it unfolds!




New Years Day back in Ajusco!

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