Monday, December 28, 2015

Feliz Cumplianos!

Fire Cake, Yummmmmmmmmm!

My comp made me a homemade Nutella cake for my birthday
20 years old!!
Turns out I am writing today even though it’s not my p-day!  hahahahahahaha   We just got word yesterday that we have to write today-- super fun!  

Well, I’m not sure what to write about!  We talked like 3 days ago and nothing’s happened since then. hahahah   All is well, still.  This week we are thinking of making a trip to Ajusco on our prep day which will be Friday.  We want to hike Eagles Peak which is really famous and will let us see the whole, whole, whole city!  So we will see if it happens.  We are working hard and trying to find new investigators.  That’s the goal.

My birthday was awesome.  I got a few calls from friends here in the mission that remembered my b-day and the lady who we ate with didn’t know, but then my comp told her and she went and bought a cake. hahahaha   I feel bad about that, haha, and I also got a few presents from people in my district so it was real fun and I was happy people remembered.

Tonight I have my first district meeting with my new district and I’m real nervous, but hey I’ve been doing these meetings for over 6 months, so it’s not really anything new.  
All is well--just plugging along and trying to be a good boy.

LOVE you guys like crazy.   Keep up the awesomeness.


Elder McClure

From his Mission President's wife.

  The lake in my area - there's turtles.
Mi amigo, Elder Galindo (from Honduras).

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