Monday, December 14, 2015

One Awesome Week!

One Year!
"I got a bunch of new ties, 5 pesos each."
Hey Everybody,

WOW, we are talking one AWESOME week!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!

Let me explain: First, its Christmas time. Wow I love it.

2nd, it was just an awesome week!!!!!!!!!!

At the beginning of the week my comp and I set a goal to teach 40 lessons. That’s the goal that the mission has for every companionship for every week, but let me tell you, it’s hard to get!  In fact I have never had 40 lessons in one week!!!!  But we set the goal with a lot of faith and a lot of good planning and then we went to work!  Tuesday we taught 9 lessons, and on Wednesday we went on splits and I taught 9 and Elder Miller taught 6.  By the end of the week the number of lessons per day had slowed down, but Sunday night we finished our 41st lesson and then called it a week!  WOW!  IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! 

Thursday was my hump day.  It was pretty fun!  We celebrated by going to Tianguis, which is like a swap meet or huge garage sale!  I bought 10 ties for 50 pesos and they gave me an extra just cuz they liked me!  WHAT A BARGAIN!  Then we went to a nice lady’s restaurant and she gave us cake and hot chocolate for freeeeeee!  It was like the best day ever! 

Sunday we didn’t have any investigadors at church but that’s only because we didn’t have church services!  Instead we all attended the temple dedication of the Tijuana Mexico Temple! It was soo incredible and it’s soo awesome to see Pres. Hinckley’s son as the new temple president!  His Spanish is pretty good! 

Last night I got a phone call saying that my time here in Jardines is just about up!  Tomorrow morning we have transfers and I’m headed off to a new area! Elder McNall of my district will be the new district leader and every one in my district is staying, except Hermana Gonzalez because she is finishing her mission tomorrow!  Super crazyyyyyyyyy!

Another highlight of the week for me was setting up the Christmas tree with my converts Rebeca, Fernanda and Sylvia!  We went to their house and helped them set up the tree and decorate it and it was exactly what I needed!  I felt right at home and I just really got going with the whole Christmas spirit!  What a wonderful family they are!

The work here has really exploded as we’ve taught much more lessons. I feel good leaving Elder Miller with what we have.  He will no doubt have much success and many baptisms in the next few months! 

POSOLE! My most favorite dish of Mexico.
My district in total.  We had a great district meeting!

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