Monday, October 12, 2015

Hola Mis Amigers

 October 12, 2015
He lives on a volcano.
Totally murdered a rat this week.  Woooooooo!
Well Howdy Ho, 

This week was awesome, like usual.  I totally rocked a lot of things--like killing rats and throwing up, but don’t worry they were two separate occasions.

So pretty much I feel like the Zone Leaders are like my other set of companions.  We were together all during General Conference; and then this week we had a zone conference.  Right after the zone conference Elder Baca, my zone leader, went back up the mountain with me to do interchanges and we hung out and now they might be back up here today for our district meeting ... really maybe it’s not all that much, but man I feel I’ve been around them like all week!  This week will be a nice breather I hope with just the 4 of us Ajuscoans and no one else! 

We found we had a rat problem so we took matters into our missionary hands and borrowed a rat trap from the other elders.  I had my comp set it cuz man that thing was scary and then that night ... we got ourselves a nice fat rat!  Woooo!  I will of course send pics your way! haha  So great. I’ve never had to deal with rats before in my life so really it was quite the experience and we had a blast.  I probably took tooo many pics of it dead.  But yes, we are champs.

Also this week was my 10 month mark.  Wow, it’s gone by fast!  Year mark will be here before I know it!  So anyway I’ve had a goal to not throw up once on the mission.  It was a great goal and I was really doing great till I hit my 10 month mark exactly.  Then I let it fly.  I don’t know what I ate that triggered it but my was it an experience!  I had almost forgotten what throwing up was like ... now it’s fresh in my mind. 

Our good friend and investigator Antonio went to church again (YAY) and so that makes it 3 times!!!  Only 2 more to go and he’s baptism worthy!  Can’t wait to see what happens!  We still have a lot to teach him and only can visit him like once a week so it’ll take more than 2 weeks, but he’s progressing so we are really happy!  Work is still slow but poco a poco we can see the changes that are taking place!

Hmmm, what else?  This Wednesday I have an interview with Pres!  Can’t wait!  I always walk out of them energized and edified! 

All is well in Ajusco!  I’m still a little sick...but nothing that can stop a missionary like me!

All hands on deck! 

Elder McClure over and out

Juanita the mother-in-law of our investigator. I love her. She’s one of the best members in this town!  Yum, it's called Sopes.

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