Monday, February 2, 2015

"Happiest 19-year-old White Boy in Mexico"

Elder McClure and Elder Davis

February 2, 2015

Heya Folks!

Today I went to the land of Walmart and it was AWESOME!   It totally felt like home!!!!  Except there’s tons of Mexicans and Nutella is wayyyy over priced and the lines for check-out felt like I was back at Disneyland! But I totally loaded up on cereal and I’m gonna be eating good this month!

My mouth is all better--3 trips to the dentist who is a counselor in the stake presidency and I’m all better!  It’d take an hour by hot sweaty bus and he’d squirt my mouth with water for 1 minute and then send me on my way-- another hour to get home!   It’s nice that the mission does take care of me, though!

We had a zone conference this week and I got absolutely nothing out of it, except 2 things!  1) we got burgers after;  and 2)  I got like 10 letters and I was the happiest 19 year-old white boy in Mexico ever!  I got quite a few from Dad and a few from Mom, one from Hanks, one from Schlosses, one from Johnsons, one from Kacie, which was the best of them all and I can’t remember who else!  They were like all Christmas cards and man...even a month late and I’m happy!   It was the best!   So I guess I get mail from the zone leaders like every couple weeks...? maybe.  Anyway DearElder does work so keep it up parents!  I love it!  If you wanna love me a little more and send like some more...I could use pics... I have like 6 from you Mom from Christmas, but like man the more pics the better...but it’s ok too if not ... I love the letters and post cards and all.  Man you guys are the best parents in the whole world and really I do appreciate it so so so much! 

We’ve continued to stay busy in the work!  We teach CONSTANTLY and man I love the people here!  They are so kind!  And they make really good food-- holy cow!  We had 3 investigators show up for Church so I’m feeling higher than a kite!  Only 4 more times to Church each and then they can be baptized!   Again, I’ll get into who these investigators are later on, once I can remember their names and all.  Right now my brain is fried!  Spanish is an awful language -- at least at the moment!  Oh man, I gotta say we have the best ward mission leader in the world!  He’s been a member for a year and totally solid!  But the best part about him is that he is the same size, build, has the same face, talks the same, and has the same sense of humor as Rolando Santos!!!!   I swear it’s his twin!   But man it’s so great because it’s like a little piece of home...Oh how I miss Rolando Santos!  Church is good!  I don’t understand much, but I actually get to sit and just enjoy; and of course the best part -- taking the sacrament. or in Spanish … tomar la santa cena.

The smell of sewer now smells kinda good to me and half dead dogs kinda look cute!!!  Oh man!   Mexican babies are the cutest babies in the entire world! (except Joely of course!)  Since I can’t speak the language I just let my comp talk and then I make faces at our investigators’ babies.  haha   It’s the best.  Anyway, life is good.   I’m a neat freak, I’ve found. (Yes Mom.. don’t act so surprised) and so that’s fun.  I get to clean a lot!  I’ve just found it’s hard to feel the Spirit so I clean a lot-- organize and wash and take care of things. Oh and I try to show my comp how grateful I am for him by cooking him dishes at night!  I love cooking and all we have is one little pan and an electric stove and eggs... so yeah... I’m a good cook!   Our hot water doesn’t really work so I’m getting used to ice cold showers.   Gotta love feelin’ fresh!  Anyways all is well!

Hope all is well!


Elder McClure


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