Monday, January 26, 2015

First Week Has Been Great!

The Newbies with the President & His Wife

Elder Davis, My Comp, at our Desk

Elder Davis and Me
January 26, 2015


My first week in the field and I’ve already been mugged!  The guy had a knife so I’m counting my blessings that I didn’t get stabbed and that he didn’t have a gun!  Just kidding! 

The Field is insanely amazing!  I have the best comp in the world and we are doing an amazing work!  We have like 10 people with baptismal dates and I don’t even know all their names because they have Mexican names and they are hard to remember!  We taught a total of 29 lessons last week so we are sooo insanely busy!  So many people just want to learn about the gospel!  I don’t understand a whole lot of what is said, but I’m guessing I understand about 60 percent!  And I can’t talk worth a darn!  So I bare my testimony at the end and that’s about it!

Mexican food is delicios!  I’m getting more and more fat each day!  Our meals with the members are at 2 pm and it’s like our only real meal of the day--it’s weird.  My comp’s name is Elder Davis and he is from Sandy, Utah!  He’s pretty much my twin!  So we get along well and I’m so proud to say that we are 100% obedient!  That is why we are so blessed!

There are dogs everywhere and I step in a lot of poop.  It’s gross … and the dogs are gross, too; but sometimes a cute one will follow us around.  I think it feels the Spirit that we have with us.  haha  Oh might I say what area I’m in!  I’m in Iztacalco.  I’m not sure if that’s how you spell it!  It’s a dump and right in the city!  There are 4 of us elders in the ward.  I gave the closing prayer in sacrament meeting which was really scary.  I think I wet myself a little!  I’m in the Jardines Ward.  We walk probably 10 miles a day, if not more, and I’m very sweaty and gross all the time!

My mission prez is cool, but I can’t understand a word he says because he has a terrible accent! Sometimes we take the hippie van buses to get around.  It’s 4 pesos a ride and they are always jam packed!  So I think I’ve broken the rule of not being too close to women cuz man we are packed like sardines!  The hippie vans are called combis--something like that.  My comp has only been here 3 months, so he came straight out of training himself; so sometimes it’s really hard, but he is practically fluent so that’s a true blessing!  I have good news and bad news.... good news first... my tongue is starting to get feeling back-- like 50% (Riley lost feeling in his tongue following removal of his wisdom teeth).   Bad news ... my bottom right gum where I  got the wisdom tooth pulled is infected again, I think.  It’s an open wound and all yellow and puffy.  Not sure what to do, but we’ll figure it out! 

Life is so good!  I love it here!  The language is so hard, but I’m gonna give myself a good 3 or 4 weeks before I let myself get down on how bad I am at it!  I pray all is well in the promised land! I miss grass ... and clean streets ... and drivers who actually had to pass a test before getting their licenses ... and the snow ... and clean air ... and carpet ... and girls--mostly girls though.  haha 

Have fun Fort Collins.  I’ll see you in a week!

Elder McClure

P.S.  Mom I’m safe!  Literally I don’t feel in danger at all!  And I’ve had like no culture shock!   Just love this place!


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