Monday, February 16, 2015

Watch out, Fort Collins!!

Riley's Tie Tack - Photo taken at DIA on the morning he left home.

February 16, 2015

Hey Y’all,

How be the Great North?  Here in Mexico people ask if we are from the USA or Germany.   They never say are you American ... because technically they are American too so it’s offensive or something ... I don’t know.   All I know is, we have America in our name so ha we win.   But for now... soy chilango. 

This week we have again worked our bums off!   I think bum in Spanish is Pompa ... not sure though ... hope that it’s not a bad word!   We have a mother and daughter set for baptism this week!!!   I’m super excited and we’ve worked so hard, so it’s going to be so rewarding to see them make this covenant with God!   I’ll of course send pics of that next Monday if it takes place!

My Spanish is about the same, it seems.   I’m very much not liking Spanish, but it’s kinda necessary to know and have while living here, so I’m really trying so hard to learn it!   I’ve  had a couple moments that were awkward with Mexicans talking to me and I think I know what they say, so I respond and then I clearly didn’t understand right cuz everyone, including my comp, is then laughing at me for like 5 minutes ... but it’s all good ... part of growing right?  The heat has been miserable, but this week we were blessed with one day where it rained and was cool and, oh man, I was in heaven!    I’m always wet ... either with sweat or rain ... so that kinda stinks-- literally.

My comp had a bit of the flu or something and after we ate goat tacos with a recent convert, he let it all back up and out.   It was pretty bad, but at least he somewhat made it to the toilet in time!  haha   I feel very blessed to be so healthy!   It’s truly a miracle.  I haven’t been hit yet with a bad bug!

So yes, I’m getting fat, but this week we set goals for working out and so now I’m gonna be huge, but with muscles!!!   Every other day we do Marine work-outs and I’ve been so sore that I almost cry each morning when I roll out of bed!   Man it’s rough!   But I’m totally going to be looking good when I get back in 22 months, so watch out Fort Collins!

Talk about months ... this week I hit my 2 month mark in the mission and man I can’t believe it!   Time flies!   Each week goes by so fast;  I just try to hold on and enjoy the ride!   Everyday I’m beat and it’s a good kind of beat-- the best kind of beat there is!   At night, sometimes, I have a hard time falling asleep ... my mind likes to think about home ... and I don’t have homesickness, thank goodness... I just think about home and all my many, many past years.  I feel so old.  But I have so many good memories that keep my mind going and, honestly, I can’t complain!

I’ve almost been eaten by a few dogs, but going strong in that category!  I totally step in dog poop like every day.  It’s so annoying.  Someone needs to train these dogs that the sidewalk isn’t the place to do it! 

Also this week I was trying to get on a bus that probably holds 40 people normally ... but there was like 140 on it and as I was stepping on the doors closed and I almost got chopped in half!   But somehow I squoze through!   Squoze -- is that a word?   Even though I’m not really learning Spanish ... I’m totally forgetting English!   Is that a good sign?   I don’t know.   I think we are getting Big Macs today for lunch, so I’m pretty jacked!   Gotta log off now!   Hope all is well.   Stay strong America.   I miss you so much!


Elder McClure 


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