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January 8, 2015

It’s been a bit chilly here in Mexico!  We had 60 degree weather the other day and my oh my I needed a jacket!!!!  JUST KIDDING!  haha  It has actually got down to 40 something at night so really honestly kinda chilly since I’m used to 70s now but its all good!  This week has been Great!  My cold has finally gone away and I’m back in action! 

The first thing I guess I wanna share is the highlight of my week!  It has to do with an elder in my district who got strep!  Not that strep is good at all--but the cool part about it was that he asked me to give him a blessing!!!  I’ve stood in blessings before but this was the first time for giving a blessing!!!!!!  WOW!  I can’t describe how incredible it was!  I was so nervous before hand but I prayed with faith and during the blessing I had this overwhelming feeling of confidence and a knowledge that the Holy Ghost was directing me in what to say!  Of course... I was crying my eyes out during the whole thing but man what a beautiful experience that was!  I really truly gained a powerful testimony on priesthood blessings from this experience!  I’m happy to say that Elder Greig (Mr. strep throat man) is all better and back in class learning how to teach the gospel!

Hmm, what else has happened this week. . .  Well I’ve been teaching with my comp everyday and even though I dread lessons--purely because of the language barrier... I had a great experience teaching a real investigator on Wednesday night!  My Comp, Elder Billman, did a somersault into a metal pole at gym a few hours before hand and had a major concussion, so I was left to do most of the teaching!  The pressure was on!  Might I also add that Elder Billman is super good with Spanish so usually I rely on him to do most of the talking!  I was very nervous but we went in with faith and gave a super good lesson on the restoration of the gospel!  I’m sure the guy didn’t know what I was saying most of the time, but he was very focused and when looking into his eyes I could tell the Spirit was doing the real teaching and that he was feeling it!  I came away from that very relieved and happy and thankful to my Father in Heaven for helping me when I desperately needed help!

My district loves to play volleyball, kickball, soccer, cage soccer, signs, Mafia and just hang out and get to know each other better!  We all get along so well and I know I’ve talked about them before, but really we are just like a family and we help each other and lift each other up.  I trust all of them and really feel so blessed to be in the district that I’m in!  I am very nervous for when I have to say goodbye to all of them in 10ish days when we go our separate ways.  I’m trying to make every moment count!  Every moment is so precious and I’ve only got 2 years so really…every moment counts!

Our district got to host the new greenies yesterday!  It was so awesome getting to show them around and act like I’m all confident and know what’s going on! hahahaha  They all looked terrified and in a daze and I can only imagine that is what I looked like a month ago! I want all you about-to-be-missionaries like Matt and Tarryn and Mallorie and Julia and whoever else to know that you can’t get a real feel for the MTC till you give it a few days!  So don’t judge too quickly! I definitely judged the MTC right off the bat and I couldn’t believe what I had gotten myself into!  Yes it’s a prison... but trust me you want to be on the inside of these walls!  It’s kinda like what Charles Burnside said about boot camp… everything here at the MTC is set up so that we can’t sin!  Like, yes, everyone does and can sin no matter where they are, but here at the MTC the Spirit is so strong and you are so busy being happy and learning good things that there’s no time or place for sin!  It’s wonderful!  I love this place with all my heart! This truly is Zion! 

Talking about loving this place… Pres. Pratt, the man in charge here, had some very harsh words to say to me and my comp as zone leaders!  We got in trouble because we were having a zone meeting when we were supposed to be having district meeting... but its not our fault because we were instructed by the previous zone leaders and also our Branch President to do it this way!  But it’s all good! After the harsh talking to (which was in front of our whole zone) we found Pres. Pratt and apologized and we are all good now!

There are these really, really, really delicious cranberry juice things you can buy here in the Tienda and they come in these tin metal bottles.  After we drink the juice we save the bottles and then pour boiling water in them.  Then we have contests on who can hold the bottle the longest! Elder Richardson got a video of me holding the bottle and it’s so, so, so funny but I don’t know how to send it via email so I don’t know… we’ll see if I can send it!  It’s really funny and all of us in district 4A probably have some nerve damage in our hands but it’s all good!  We have to let our immaturity out sometime!

Mom you should be really proud of me!  We had unexpected room checking or whatever you call it and our room passed with flying colors!  We’ve set a goal to keep everything tidy and clean and neat and we’ve kept that goal!  The other rooms in our casa are so bad, I can’t even go in them because they smell so bad!!!
Anyways, that’s probably enough fun stories for this week!

I’m doing very well and I’m very happy! The work is great and while reading in 3 Nephi this week I came across a scripture that I think defines me.  It’s 3 Nephi capitalo 5 versiculo 13:

"Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life."

Family and friends, I apologize for not writing too many spiritual things in my email blog thing.  I do want you to know that I have incredible spiritual experiences daily while reading in the Book of Mormon and teaching the gospel in the Spanish language!  I have been writing these experiences down in my journal and never remember to bring my journal with me when I write home to share some things I have learned.  But what would help you feel the Spirit more than reading my experiences is if you go and read the Book of Mormon yourself! Please, please, please study and read the Book of Mormon daily!  I promise you will feel the Spirit and you will be taught by the Spirit.  Through the Spirit you may know the truth of all things!  Please be strong!  Act in Faith!  Even just the tiniest little drop of faith will do!  Please, for me, for you, and for your relationship with your Father in Heaven.  I love you all so much!  I hope all is well!  Be strong and move forward in faith!
Remember…Look Good, Feel Good, Let's do this thang!

Love, Love, Love,

Elder McClure

Riley 'the Studious'

"Love these guys!"

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