Saturday, November 12, 2016

"One Real Week Left . . . My Heart is Full"

NOTICE: Elder McClure will report his mission in sacrament meeting of the Timberline Ward on Sunday, November 27, at 9:00 AM.  600 East Swallow Road, Fort Collins, CO.
Our home phone is:  970-225-6946

Hello World!  

I’m not sure what to say ... maybe that I only have one real week left as a missionary …or that we are going to baptize in a week from today … maybe that my heart is full and that I’m very happy with where I am and my progress up until this point.  I realize that I only have one p-day left after today and I do have some final words I’d like to say in that final email home.  But for now, I must say that life is good.  I’ve been studying the Book of Mormon in English these past few weeks and it’s the first time I’ve done it in almost a year and a half.  It’s funny how now I prefer to read in Spanish.  I feel like I understand more and enjoy more of what I read when it’s in Spanish.  I now get caught up on words in English and I’m not sure how to pronounce them.  Who would have ever thought that would happen!  These past few days I’ve been trying to organize myself a little better.  I’m not packing up yet … don’t think that … but just organizing.  I pulled out about 10lbs of Dear Elder letters from my suit case the other day that were from my parents as I started my mission.  No wonder my suitcase weighed so much!  I’ve also been looking over my three 16gb memory cards that are now practically full of pictures from the past 2 years of my life.  I’ve been looking at all my now yellowed shirts and stained ties, holy pants and scripture cases that have withstood one too many rain storms.  Life is good when you’re dedicating every minute of every day in service to your neighbor and representing the Lord Jesus Christ.  My heart is full.  BUT, it’s not over yet, so let’s just take a nice pause right there. :)

What a miracle!  Saturday and Sunday, we as a mission, fasted for the wellbeing of the Elder that ran away.  We all ended our fast in the afternoon on Sunday.  Our President ended his fast at exactly 3pm and at that same moment, 2 youth from a ward in Iztapalapa saw the run-away missionary walking in the street.  They ran looking for the elders of that ward to tell them the news.  The word got to President that night and early Monday morning President and Sister Mecham were able to find, talk to, and help the runaway elder.  The Elder’s heart was softened, along with others who knew where he was, and because of that he was found.  I do not doubt for a second the power of fasting.  When we unite in a worthy fast, miracles happen.  What a blessing!

This week we got to continue doing our Chicken Fat workout routine with Sister Mecham at Zone Conferences.  It’s been pretty fun to participate and teach and train with the other leaders of the mission.  There’s always lots to do and we really do enjoy what we do.

Monday I believe it was, President called us into his office.  We thought it would be something about the mission, but it turned out he wanted to talk to us.  Supposedly he saw something that I wrote a few weeks ago on my blog when I talked about being an office assistant.  He said my comment had been buggin’ him for weeks and so he finally had come up with a plan.  We are now in a new area. The ward is called Educacion and it’s been a rough ward for years now, I’m pretty sure.  It’s close to the offices.  So now we are in-field assistants.  President took away almost all our responsibilities and now we are dedicated to our area and helping the zone leaders by bringing them to our area to see how we are doing it.  We are pretty much the role models for the mission and right now we are starting out at 0.  The goal is to build up the area real good so that next change it can be in full function.  It’s pretty exciting and we have lots to do!  President also told me that he didn’t want me to finish my mission in the offices like he’s seen so many of his other assistants do.  He’d rather we be working hard in the field until our last day.  I like his idea!  It’s a strange transition and for these last 2 weeks we are also gonna stay working in Taxqueña because we have an investigator that’s gonna get baptized on the 19th--my last Saturday here. :)

This next week is going to be crazy, crazy busy!  We have leadership councils, final interviews, the big change meeting that I’m absolutely stoked to be in, going to the temple and probably interchanges with a few zone leaders, a baptism on Saturday and confirmation on Sunday.  There’s lots of sickness going through the mission right now and I can’t afford to get sick-- too much to do!  Pray for me please!

Thanks for your support!  I’m doing great!


Elder McClure

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