Monday, June 20, 2016

A Stellar Week!!!

This is from my window.  Sorry it’s not too attractive.  But it’s the only pic I have for the week, haha, because in this area I’m not carrying around my camera each day.  It would be stolen if I did.  

Another wonderful week in Meyehualco.  It’s been good--too good.  I like too good. :)
It’s raining right now.  Why the rain?  Good thing I got my clothes off the line in time.

So, this week was pretty chill--but not chillax.  We totally rocked 46 lessons this week and found a BUNCH of new people to teach.  So yeah, I’d say it was one of the best weeks I’ve had in my mission concerning the missionary work.  We also had a sweet training where we learned lots of the importance of them less active members and how we can help them to come home.  Also we had the chance to visit one of my most favorite families in the whole world.  They are the family Canton.  I ate dinner at their house last Christmas Eve.  They lived in my old area, Hidalgo, but just moved and now are here with me in Estacion.  It’s pretty awesome.  Bro. Canton told me that when I get changed again … they are gonna move again and just follow me whereever I go.  Hahaha.

Really it was a stellar week--lots and lots of lessons and lots of investigators and I’m just praying that I don’t get transferred in a month from now cuz I wanna keep working with what we are building up.  The realization that I go home in just a few short months keeps slapping me in the face.  Crazy.  But I kinda like how it slaps me … because it keeps me even more motivated to really make these months count.

All is well.

Loves from Mexico,

Elder McClure 

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