Monday, July 13, 2015

Ajusco! Lovin' it!

My new area is behind me.
My new district.
July 13, 2015

Wow, my world has been flipped upside down--let me tell ya. So I thought having a call to Mexico City would mean 2 years of straight up ghetto desert city and nothing else ... I WAS WRONG! Transfers came and I am now in a small town called Ajusco.  It’s high in the mountains and extremely cold--like super cold--like so cold I can’t explain how cold!  There are farms and animals and cold and wow it’s so different.  I heard it’s where disobedient kids get sent to suffer and shape up, but I’ve been obedient, so who knows why I’m here.

My district is made up of 4 elders again. My comp, Elder Sierra is from Colombia. He doesn’t know English. Elder Nava is from Veracruz and Elder Galindo is from Honduras. Yes. I’m the only white boy. It’s rough. I ended my last transfer with confidence in my Spanish. Now I just realize how dumb I really am! It’s awesome. I love all the guys here though; they are great and good workers. My house is much bigger than last week, but super cold and damp and my towel doesn’t even dry with a day of being hung. Our house was so gross when I got there I wanted to throw up, but we’ve done some cleaning since then.  But it still needs help. There isn’t a ward here, just a branch of 30 active members and we meet in A House of Prayer. It’s a pretty sweet house though, so I’m pretty excited!  I gave a talk yesterday!  A great way to welcome a poor dumb white kid into the branch, huh! I spoke 15 minutes on testimony and missionary work.

I also had intercambios (exchanges) with the zone leaders this week and learned a ton from them.   They have a sweet area with baptisms almost every week. Also this whole past week my comp had to go to the hospital for tests because he has migraines, so I literally haven’t even worked in my new area yet.  Anywho, lots went on this week and lots of stress and not feeling super, super happy, but still kinda happy! I’m happy and healthy and starving and my calves are destroyed because every road is so steep it’s hard to walk. But I’m good.

 AJUSCO!  Lovin’ it

L to R: My son on the left, then me, my dad, my grandpa, and my great-grandpa. Terms used for who trained who.
Bye, bye!  Iztapalapa!!

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